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Still Living In The Garden Of Eden - Debut CD

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This is our debut CD, and its excellent if we do say so ourselves!  2 years plus in the making - which is usual for self funded indie outfits.  We put heaps of effort into it to make it sound great.  So, we recommend purchasing the physical CD - you'll get a better sonic experience (especially if you play it on a good stereo hi-fi system) and you'll enjoy the quality of the detailed cover art that goes with it.

CD available thru CD or our secure online PayPal facility (see buttons below). 

If you live near Byron Bay, Ballina or Lismore (NSW, Australia) you can purchase the CD from these quality music retailers:

* Music Bizarre
* All Music and Vision

You can download MP3s of the CD at Independent Artists Community or CD or (follow the links below)

Happy listening.  Peace and light, rock and roll....all night!!!

Lismore Locals - Get it Here!

Our good friends Dave and Deb at Music Bizarre really know music.  The range of CDs here is amazing and they can order just about anything for you.

Byron Bayans - Get Trip Poppies Here!

All Music and Vision

Buy at Independent Artists Community

An excellent place where you can hear fresh music - pick and play or follow a "Radio" station.  Lots of great people with honest reviews - a true music community.

Magic Wheel - 2nd album (EP)

Our latest EP 'Magic Wheel'.  Six eclectic tracks of pop magic! Available soon (we're still sorting out the cover etc)

Buy at CD Baby

Trip Poppies: Still Living In The Garden Of Eden

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