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Trip Poppies: Home

Dez and Cary

good evening/morning/arvo/witching hour

Another new song for our expanding collection here: 'It's Not Too Late To See'. I hope you like it

The current songs from the Trip Poppies ever growing album 'Caravan Songs' are now available here for free mp3 download.

The video for the song "You Should Have Seen Her" off the EP 'Magic Wheel'.

....and the link to the video for the song "Nothing Gets Me High Anymore" off the EP 'Magic Wheel'.

...and the link to the video for the song "King of Confidence" off our debut album 'Still Living in the Garden of Eden"

The Trip Poppies are Cary Kembla and Dez Paul, and we’re based in the Northern Rivers of NSW, Australia.  We’ve got a couple of albums out to date – ‘Still Living in the Garden of Eden’ and our EP ‘Magic Wheel’, and you can finds tracks from both of them right here.  We've also done a whole bunch of newer tracks that are grouped together on the latest Trip Poppies album called 'Caravan Songs'. 

The Trip Poppies have been influenced by a lot of artists, the main ones being The Flaming Lips, Bowie, some Stones, some Beatles, some Neil Young even.  The best way to find out is by listening!

Anyway, we hope you enjoy your visit and do come back soon.  We've got new tracks that we'll be adding here shortly.

love and good wishes from Cary and Dez x