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Trip Poppies: Bio

Started 2007, still going 2012. 

The Trip Poppies have recorded two albums so far: 'Still Living in the Garden of Eden' in 2010 and their new EP 'Magic Wheel' (still not 'officially' released but fully finished) in 2012.  Also, a whole bunch of our demonstration tracks (mostly recorded 2011-2012) have been grouped together in an unofficial Trip Poppies album called 'Orphan'.

Dez and Cary met at Southern Cross University in Lismore Australia in 2005, where they both 'studied' music composition when they were not at the bar.  Somehow, degrees were obtained....

They then decided to form a fun little studio band, and so the Trip Poppies were born.  They then wrote some stuff, recorded some stuff, and released some stuff (see para 1, see also Music page on this site).